Friday, October 13, 2006

Troubleshooting Logic

If Logic is acting unpredictably, there are a few basic steps you can do to find out what's causing the problem.

If you have some kind of problem, try and recreate it in a different song. if the problem goes away, then the source of the problem is in that first song only.

If your problem happens in all your songs, then whatever caused it might be contained in your autoload song, and therefore be in all the songs you have created from that audoload song.

Close all songs, and then OPTION-click on File -> New. This will force Logic to create a default song that isn't based on your autoload. Try and recreate the problem in this song - if you can't reproduce it, then the problem probably comes from your autoload song.

OPTION-click on File -> New to force Logic to create a fresh default song

If you still get problems, then you should eliminate corrupt preferences from the equation.
Quit Logic, and move the files:

~/Library/Preferences/Logic/ (Logic preferences)
~/Library/Preferences/Logic/ (Control Surfaces preferences) your desktop. Restart Logic (it will create a fresh set of preferences) and see if you can replicate the problem. If you can't, corrupt preferences may well have been the problem.

Note: "~" is your user folder


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