Monday, October 02, 2006

Track Automation Folder

If you want a comfortable way to edit automation data in the arrange page as regular regions, so you can edit/cut/copy between tracks and so on, the Track Automation Folder is really useful - but accessing it is like going on a treasure hunt - there is no key or menu command to open it in L7 - but if you follow today's tip, the hidden treasure shall ye find!

Firstly, you need to open the "Automation Event Edit" window - this is an event editor that displays your automation data, rather than your regular MIDI data. You'll probably need to assign a key command to open this window.

With the Automation Event Edit window open, go to the Window -> Arrange to open a new arrange window.

A new arange window will open, magically showing all your automation data on all tracks as regular regions. You can now edit the data, copy it between tracks, cut/move it etc.

To open the Track Automation Folder, use a key command to open the Automation Event Edit window, and with that open, simply open a new arrange window - it will open displaying the Track Automation Folder.

Further reading: Logic Pro 7 Reference Manual - page 319


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