Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mono/Stereo Buttons

You're probably aware that, with Universal Trackmode On (which it is by default, and is the recommended setting), you can toggle any mixer channel (audio track, audio instrument, bus, aux, input, output etc) between mono and stereo modes by clicking on the button underneath the meters:

An extra feature here, is that if you click-hold on the button, and litle menu will appear, where you can select "Mono" or "Stereo" as usual, but also "Left" and "Right". If you have stereo audio passing through the channel, "Mono" will mix both channels to mono, whereas choosing "Left" or "Right" will make the channel mono, but play the left or right channel of the stereo signal accordingly.

Click-Hold on the Mono/Stereo button for more options


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