Saturday, October 07, 2006

Equal Size Slicing

This is for all you edit freaks out there, and is a great way of cutting up audio regions. It's called Divide Multiple.

In the screenshot, the top region is the original four bar region. Select the scissors tool, and hold the OPTION key while cutting. This will cut your region into equal slices. (You will see the yellow info box change from "Divide" to "Divide Multiple" when you hold the command key while cutting.)

The second region shows what happens when we cut after the first bar. As the length between the start of the region and the cut point was one bar, the region has been cut into four one-bar sections.

If you cut on 1 2 1 1 (ie, one beat), Logic will cut the region into sections one beat long. And for the BT-inspired, zoom in, and use the CONTROL key for *really* fine edits.

Using the scissors tool, OPTION-cutting a region will divide it into multiple equal length regions.

Once you have loads of small "micro-edit" regions, you can do interesting stuff like muting slices, rearranging slices, dropping alternate slices onto different tracks (with different plugins and automation), reversing individual slices, and so on.


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