Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Key Command: "Set rounded Locators & Cycle Play"

Here's a nice little key command for you.

Let's say you record a little 2-bar region in the arrange. The "Set rounded Locators & Cycle Play" command (I have this assigned to my TAB key) will set the locators to the size of your selected region, enable cycle mode, and start playback.

The "Set rounded Locators & Cycle Play" command in action:

4.4 megs, Quicktime 7 requiredClick to view movie, right click to download

It's a quick way of setting up a cycle for any section of your song, or to quickly cycle an area that you want to loop around while you perform edits, and as the locators will be rounded to the nearest bar position you'll get a clean loop.

Assign a spare key to the "Set rounded Locators & Cycle Play" command

As another example, you could select two regions in your first verse and second verse, hit the TAB key, and Logic will instantly start cycled playback from verse 1, through your chorus, to the end of verse 2.

Note: if you're not sure how to assign key commands, we'll be looking at this in a later tip.


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